St. Patrick’s Day and Your Interior

Last year, emerald green was the “hot color” for everything from fashion to home furnishings. But besides being trendy, emerald – and green in general – is a great color for spring as it represents new growth and change.


Photo Via Pinterest


Photo Via Pinterest

The best practice for incorporating color trends in your home is to provide a neutral “base” of furnishings and add accessories that can be changed easily. For example, you can add pillows, lamps and accessories with the colors and patterns that provide a fresh punch of color to your calm interior.



Photo Via Christine Markatos Design

STEemeraldaccentsPhoto Via Pinterest

Having seasonal colors and styles for your home — simply changing out some accessories, rugs, pillows, etc. can bring a sense of change and freshness. Once you make the investment they can be used for many similar seasons.  It’s always best to start with a well-designed space plan and timeless furnishings that are durable and built with quality features like 8-way hand-tied springs, spring-down cushions and high quality fabrics.

One of the biggest mistakes I see Do-It-Yourself home enthusiasts make is purchasing furnishings that are inexpensive and may be upholstered with fabrics that aren’t meant for daily use by busy families with kids and pets. Fabrics from “To The Trade” vendors (sold through interior designers) like Kravet, Stroheim, or Larsen, just to name a few, often include the “double rubs” (which is the equivalent of how many times someone sits on a sofa) to indicate whether the fabric is appropriate for the intended use. If a sofa is upholstered with a light-use fabric, it is possible that the fabric can degrade well before you are ready to invest in reupholstering or purchasing a new one. 

By investing in quality construction as well, your furniture will not only look better longer but will also perform and be comfortable longer. Another downside of inferior construction is that the cushioning can “bottom out” (get packed down) and lose its feeling of comfort.  You then are investing in having your cushions redone or starting over with a new sofa. 

Remember, just setting aside a modest budget to freshen up the palette with fashion-forward color bursts you can give your interior a new look.


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If you’re not fond of emerald green, but want a fresh option for your home, here are a few more
shades of green that you might just love.


Photo Via Martha O’Hara Interiors

STEgrenn fabrics



Think of green as the color of  balance, harmony and growth! 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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