An Interior Designers Perspective: Insight into Buying a New Home

A Fresh Idea in New Home Design

By Jennifer Myers

Today’s home design is all about choice. When purchasing a home there are endless design styles, architectural styles, and products available to speak about who you are and what you value in your sanctuary – your home.

Think about the homes you are considering in three dimensions

One fresh idea is to think about the homes you are considering in three dimensions. You can really start to see great potential by thinking of your new home in 3D. Is the architectural detailing in a room highlighted? Or is a room enhanced by natural light, adding brightness and interest?  You may find that often buying a bigger home isn’t necessarily the answer.  Instead, find a home that has added character, charm and visual interest on all levels.  Often times we look at the cabinets, counters and flooring but forget all about the ceiling.  Picturing your new home in 3D means looking at the ceilings for detailing with beams, wood cladding or soffits. Add detail between rooms or create a transition in the open floor plan living of today – create an archway or differentiate ceiling height between spaces.

Look beyond the surfaces for value added items such as details, character and charm

When purchasing or building a new home there is often a list of the design features you want to include, maybe it’s granite or natural stone counters, stainless steel appliances or hardwood floors. When visualizing your home in 3D, look beyond just the surfaces for value added items such as details, character and charm. A fresh idea might be to add a niche at the end of hall or in a stairwell, or use those spaces next to a fireplace for built-ins or an alcove. Construct a niche under the staircase or have a focal wall with a signature paint color or an interesting wall covering.

Look for detailing on all surfaces to give awe and that wow factor

In the past we often looked for those volume ceilings and rooms that were huge and grand – a fresh idea now would be thinking about rooms that fit the human scale and are designed with detailing on all the surfaces to give awe and that wow factor.  Put together a plan when placing windows –perhaps a corner window that adds visual interest and naturally increases the sense of space from inside to outside.

When purchasing a home, consider one you can be inspired in daily

Imagine beyond the typical list of features and amenities when searching for your new home and start assessing the three dimensions of the homes you tour. Have you ever visited the showcase, parade or street of dream homes or perhaps read an interior design magazine and thought, “I love how that looks?” Most often it is because what you are seeing is a home or a room that has been thought of in 3D. The three dimensions of a room are like accessories to the furnishings, just as jewelry is a fashion accessory to an outfit – that’s what pulls it together and makes it unique, realizing the potential in design. When purchasing a home, consider one you can be inspired in daily.

Jennifer Myers, NWSID is a board member of the New Home Council and is the Principal/Designer at J. Myers & Associates. “Market Matters” is the council’s weekly column offering insight into the housing market. For more information on home buying, visit

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